Drive real business advantage

We are actively working closely with partners to enhance customer value. Enabling the full value of connectivity. We make game changing technology easy to use, adopt and scale to make our customers and partners successful in a fully connected world.

Our partnerships in the different focus areas

Through cross industry collaborations we are creating IoT solutions that make life easier, safer and more efficient for people, enterprises and societies.

Together with our partners, we are continuously testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of how 5G can meet the diverse needs of the future. 

Partners for success

Our channel partners complement our technology. We support our channel partners to effectively reach their customers and markets.

Ecosystem partners

Ecosystem partners

Bringing together a cross industry ecosystem of expertise, products and solutions to capture new business opportunities.

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Offering partners

Offering partners

We are creating leading solutions and service offerings together with our partners to enhance customer value.

Technology Partners

Technology partners

Bringing technology leadership with our technology experts and partners for market leading solutions.

Conducting business responsibly is a top priority, and we take a full value-chain perspective.

Global collaboration with leading industry players and academia to shape industry standards to meet different industries and society as a whole.

Here you find examples of our partners and a short description of our joint partnership

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