Ericsson announces new Cloud Native and Orchestration Center in North America

Leveraging its market leadership in telecom’s cloud native transformation, Ericsson to build upon its cloud native expertise in the U.S. and Canada

Oct 05, 2021
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Ericsson is doubling down on cloud native with the new Cloud Native and Orchestration Center in North America.

Cloud native is a modern approach to building and running software applications that takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability and resilience of cloud computing.

Focusing on North America, where operators are at the forefront of the transformation to cloud native, Ericsson has launched the new Cloud Native and Orchestration Center. Bringing together more than 100 experts from across the U.S. and Canada, Ericsson’s new center will leverage this expertise to design, develop, implement and support the life cycle management of cloud native solutions for customers globally.

“From cloud native 5G core to cloud/virtualized RAN, all network functions are migrating to cloud native platforms, and North America is at the forefront of this telco cloud native transformation,” said Jan Karlsson, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Services at Ericsson. “Globally, our customers are focused on the challenges of migrating telco workloads to cloud native software on multiple infrastructure options to take advantage of the performance and agility gains this new technology brings. This new Cloud Native and Orchestration Center in North America will be there to support them on challenges such as platform and applications life cycle management, migration and automation, which tend to be more complex for telco solutions.”

“As a market leader in cloud native software and infrastructure in North America, it’s important that we continue to invest in this technology expertise with a growing team of local developers focused on cloud native platforms design, development, testing and automation,” said Niklas Heuveldop, President and Head of Ericsson North America. “We plan to significantly increase our investments over the next six months to further strengthen our capabilities to support our leading customers’ cloud native transformation journey, accelerating their ability to improve automation, agility and service orchestration, as well as lower total cost of ownership.”

The Cloud Native and Orchestration Center is a virtual blend of employees based in Ericsson’s North America headquarters in Plano, Texas, as well as other locations across Canada and the United States. The team is also supported by Ericsson’s Software Delivery Unit and will partner closely with Ericsson D-15 Labs in Silicon Valley.

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